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Deeds are mightier than words

Our charity foundation deals with assistance to the victims of military actions in the east of Ukraine, people in need and homeless animals.


Charitable reception “The ...

The auction raised funds to support children with a rare genetic disease – spinal muscular atrophy.

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Graduates of 2018: special ...
13 February 2018

The main mission of the project is full socialization and assistance in understanding one’s own desires and possibilities.

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Let’s defeat cancer: ...
12 February 2018

23-year-old Anastasia from front-line Bakhmut fights against cancer of the adrenal gland.

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Spivak proposed to create in ...
8 February 2018

Politician Dmitry Spivak proposed to create a charity fund to promote corruption.

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The brightest guests of the ...

In New York, a traditional charity dinner amfAR was held, which gives the start to the Fashion Week.

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People living in Kramatorsk gave ...
5 February 2018

Eight-year-old Misha is ill. He was diagnosed with “lower flaccid paraplegia with a lack of support and movement, a violation of the pelvic organs as a result of spinal cord hernia.”

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In the Dnieper will hold an ...
4 February 2018

The purpose of the Contest is the popularization of modern Ukrainian authors and prosaic Ukrainian-language publications in the city of Dnepr and the region.

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The Philharmonic invites a charity ...
2 February 2018

Kharkiv Regional Philharmonic will hold a charity concert, funds from which will be handed over to the native suffering from oncology TV presenter Oksana Pilkina.

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Leading ZIK headed the Media ...
1 February 2018

ZIK Leader Leila Mammadova headed the Media Council of the “Charity Kyivschina” – the regional stage of the National Competition “Charity Ukraine-2017”, which has been held for six consecutive years by the Association of philanthropists of Ukraine.

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The Ministry of Health shocked the ...
30 January 2018

It’s about the four-year-old Dima Pokovbe and the one-year-old David Indenko.

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Donations: good deed or work of ...
28 January 2018

The director of Charity Tuner Charity Tuner Ekaterina Zhuk and the head of the UFOND foundation Roman Batsenko note that electronic payments are the most optimal and controlled way of donations in Ukraine.

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In Ukraine they scoff at migrant ...
27 January 2018

About how Ukrainian officials are festering immigrants (especially pensioners), told the Charitable Foundation “Right to Defense.”

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Dr. Komarovsky described how an ...

Scientists have proven that using a scarf will arrest an asthma attack.

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JPMorgan will allocate $ 20 ...
23 January 2018

American bank JPMorgan Chase & Co. plans in the next five years to send $ 20 billion to increase staff salaries, expand the network of branches, and also to charity.

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Zaporozhets are asked to share ...

In Zaporozhye they collect warm clothing for all those in need. The action, which is conducted by volunteers in the Dniprovsky region, is called “Good will return hundredfold”.

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Cоchleаr implаntаtiоn: whаt аre ...
22 January 2018

Cоchleаr implаnts аre imprоved every yeаr аnd mаny think аbоut their аcquisitiоn аnd use.

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Zhanna Friske: can a solo career ...
21 January 2018

After Zhanna Friske died, her sister actively engaged in charity. And no one would have thought that one day Natalia would sing again.

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Frontman DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma won ...
18 January 2018

Ukrainian artist, frontman of the group DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma won the trial of the ex-member of his team, who copies his outrageous image and illegally uses his songs.

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New Year’s miracle in Liman: ...
17 January 2018

Arkady Boyarov addressed the administration of the city of Liman with an unusual request – to transfer his apartment to an orphan child due to the fact that he is leaving for another place of residence.

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“Theater at the ...
11 January 2018

January 15 at 19:00 in the hall of the creative space “Happiness HUB” will be a presentation of the charitable project “Theater at the microphone” and his first creation – audiotapes on the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupery “The Little Prince”.

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The deadly consequences of the ...
8 January 2018

An important indicator of the negative impact of the Crimean bridge on the environment is the increase in the number of dolphins that are thrown ashore.

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Buy a New Year’s toy – ...
4 January 2018

“The competition aroused great interest among people living in Kramatorsk,” says Olga Voroshchuk. 

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How Italian Volunteers Help ...
27 December 2017

“Life changes colors” (LA VITA SI COLORE) – the so-called Italian Association of Volunteers, which has been taking care of pupils of boarding schools in Sumy for six years already.

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Good deeds: the results of the ...

The result of the implementation in 2017 of the charitable program “40 temples” was the construction of 2 new churches.

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Catholic Christmas. Odessians ...
25 December 2017

Christmas on the Gregorian calendar on Monday, December 25, for the first time officially celebrated in Ukraine. 

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Sacrificing UAH 5, WOG customers ...
24 December 2017

WOG together with the Ukrainian charity exchange initiated the fifteenth wave of the charitable action “The Road to the Heart”, aimed at providing medical equipment for children’s hospitals throughout Ukraine.

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The Mechnikov Hospital received a ...
21 December 2017

Regional hospital Mechnikov for the fourth time received humanitarian aid from France.

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More Love: charity party for St. ...
19 December 2017

In honor of St. Nicholas Day, the main boutiques of children’s clothing in Kiev – Caramel, Milk Kids, Mini Me and Tartine et Chocolat – united in order to help children.

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Charitable children’s ...
18 December 2017

Olga Oleksenko and her big family gathered friends and children at the already traditional charity carnival for children, which works wonders.

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In the Dnieper the charity race of ...
16 December 2017

On Saturday, December 16, in the Dnieper the charity costume race of “nikolajchikov”.

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Memory of the Holocaust – ...
14 December 2017

On December 11, Kharkiv citizens paid tribute to the memory of their Jewish compatriots, who were killed by Nazi invaders and their accomplices in December 1941 – January 1942 in the Drobitskiy Yar.

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In Ukraine, the factory of St. ...
12 December 2017

During December 11-15, as well as on December 17, volunteers and assistants of St. Nicholas will work in the departments of receiving gifts, issuing addresses for needy children, sorting, packaging and checking the quality of gifts.

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Charitable evening with Italian ...

Last Friday, December 8, the HiltonKyiv Hotel hosted a reception with the symbolic name “Evening for the Maybutne at HiltonKyiv”.

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Life for children: patrons have ...
9 December 2017

Life is for children. A charity evening was held in the capital to raise funds for the Center for Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

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Save the house Leontovich: in Kiev ...
6 December 2017

The world-famous 15-year-old violin virtuoso Ilya Bondarenko will perform at the charity evening “Leontovych Heart” in support of the collapsing house of the legendary Ukrainian composer Nikolai Leontovich – the author of the world’s most beloved Christmas melody “Carol of the Bells”.

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More than 140 million volunteers ...
5 December 2017

According to the UN, there are approximately 140 million volunteers worldwide.

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A charitable action in support of ...
4 December 2017

One-time assistance is provided to citizens in accordance with the Procedure for the Use of Funds Received from Individuals and Legal Entities, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 535 of October 1, 2014, the HOGA press service informs.

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In Odessa, the “charity ...
2 December 2017

In Odessa, a gang of scammers, appearing as OGA officials, asked the heads of local enterprises to transfer money to the accounts of fictitious charitable organizations run by a resident of Krivoy Rog.

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In the Dnieper will be a charity ...
1 December 2017

On Saturday, December 2, from 8 to 13 hours in the regional blood transfusion station will be a charity giving blood.

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In Kramatorsk will give a concert ...
29 November 2017

As part of the charity tour, Kramatorsk will be visited for the first time by the world-famous jazz singer, actress and composer of Ukrainian origin Mariana Sadovskaya with the project “iSadovska – Here and Now.”

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In the gallery “Lavra” ...
28 November 2017

On December 2, the Kiev Municipal Art Gallery “Lavra” will host a charity auction “Art for Life”, designed to raise funds for the treatment of a cancer girl Darya Kravchenko.

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Bread from the oak bark and three ...
25 November 2017

On Vechevoy Maidan in Ivano-Frankivsk, an exhibition was opened, which shows the terrible events of 1932-1933 in Ukraine.

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Ukrainian social multimedia ...
24 November 2017

In the capital of the Czech Republic in Prague, until December 3, a large charity photo exhibition of the Ukrainian social multimedia project “Winners”, initiated by TSN and the magazine Viva!

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Germany will finance humanitarian ...
22 November 2017

The international charitable organization ADRA will be provided with 2.8 million euros.

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The Odessa Museum will show the ...
21 November 2017

December 1 in the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern art will open a travel-photo exhibition “Journey of a Good Bear”. 

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Charity fair at the school named ...
19 November 2017

Various delicacies and treats from the assortment of national dishes of Ukraine and some European countries were prepared for the students of the Odessa Art School № 1 named after. Kyriak Kostandi.

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Charity paintings have gone off ...
16 November 2017

Recently Vecherka reported on preparations for the exhibition-auction “Give Life”, organized by the Charitable Foundation “Assistance to Children” in cooperation with a whole galaxy of Ukrainian artists.

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Pope was given a white chic ...
15 November 2017

The funds received from the sale will be directed to charitable projects.

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A campaign to raise funds for ...

In Ukraine, a charitable action is launched to raise funds for the purchase of 100,000 new books for children.

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Poroshenko in October earned 28 ...
10 November 2017

Poroshenko’s salary is transferred to charity.

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An exhibition of children’s ...
9 November 2017

On November 6, 2017, the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture opened an art exhibition of winners of the Children’s Drawings Competition “Ukraine by the Eyes of Children”, which has been held by the All-Ukrainian Charitable Fund Igor Yankovsky “An Initiative for the Future” for 5 years.

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The legend of the Ukrainian ...

The team of wizards of the project “Zdіysnі mriіu” has developed a plan according to which the guy can get to the USA, in a special training camp for young basketball players under the patronage of Michael Jordan.

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Where the happiest people live, ...
6 November 2017

Ukraine occupies only 132nd place (out of 155), for the year we dropped immediately by nine points.

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To help the “Emerald ...
3 November 2017

October 17 at the Social Rehabilitation Center “Emerald City” in Svyatogorsk a series of webinars starts a new academic year of the non-state program for the development of youth.

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The author of Harry Potter will ...
30 October 2017

The foundation of the world-famous creator, Potterians Joan Rowling, will reform the Ukrainian boarding schools.

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A charity dinner was held in the ...
27 October 2017

October 26, politicians and businessmen of the Dnieper took part in an unusual charity dinner – BLACK BOX.

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Vaccines against dangerous ...
25 October 2017

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) reported that vaccines from botulism and tetanus were brought to Ukraine.

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In Prykarpattya among ...
23 October 2017

In Prykarpattya, doctors registered an outbreak of a dangerous infectious disease.

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A guy from the Cherkasy region ...
20 October 2017

In an urgent heart transplant, sixteen-year-old Vladislav Gutnik needs – he has a serious heart disease.

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In Kramatorsk massively poisoned ...
19 October 2017

The prosecutor’s office of the Donetsk region reports that school children have been massively poisoned in Kramatorsk.

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80 children from Donbas took part ...

From the beginning of project of March  2016 a help was got by 80 injured guys from Donbas.

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The rise in prices in Ukraine will ...
13 October 2017

Deputy head of the NBU, Dmitry Sologub, said that the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) expects inflation to slow.

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Ukrainians warn of large-scale ...
12 October 2017

The Security Service of Ukraine reports on hacker cyberattacks.

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Ukrainians massively change the ...
11 October 2017

Ukrainians are increasingly changing old things for food.

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A resident of the Dnieper arranged ...

Volunteers said that depleted cats and dogs were tied up among debris and disorder.

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Flu goes to Ukraine: how to ...
10 October 2017

Doctors predict that this season, the flu will suffer more than 7 million Ukrainians, that is, every sixth.

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Poroshenko: Theater begins with an ...
9 October 2017

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that in the new Theater in Podol in Kiev equipped with an elevator for people with disabilities, equipped a comfortable foyer, purchased a unique stage equipment.

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Zhytomyr plans to become the first ...
8 October 2017

For energy-saving lighting, 18 million hryvnias are allocated from the city budget.

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Rest in the sanatorium turned ...
7 October 2017

Because of the terrible conditions of detention, rest in a sanatorium for a disabled child turned into a nightmare.

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An open-ended campaign (Ukraine ...
5 October 2017

The League for the Protection of Women’s Rights (Harmony of Equals) launches a new social project (Ukraine without sexism).

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In Mariupol, a homeless migrant ...
4 October 2017

The resettler from Stakhanov Yaroslav Zvarich together with his cat sleeps in the car in the very center of Mariupol. Go man is nowhere, the TV channel “TV7”.

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Semerak: In Ukraine, almost all ...

Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Ostap Semerak said during the press conference that in Ukraine about 90% of water bodies are polluted.

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The program “Available ...

Vladimir Groisman said that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to finance the government’s program “Available medicines” for the next year pawns 1 billion UAH.

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“The sun is a whole ...
2 October 2017

“The sun the whole year”, under this motto in Kiev, there was a holiday in connection with the world month of information about people with Down syndrome.

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Ukraine celebrates World Heart Day
29 September 2017

Ukraine September 29 marks World Heart Day – an action to draw attention to heart disease.

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From Rivne trying to evict dogs of ...

Due to attacks on people, the city authorities decided to demolish the cages of the Tibetan mastiff nursery. 

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In the Lviv region, two mushroom ...
27 September 2017

Two residents of one of the Lvov villages. After consuming mushrooms for food with severe poisoning, they got to the hospital.

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The Chinese want to build the ...
26 September 2017

Chinese company Tebian Electric Apparatus intends to implement in Ukraine a large-scale investment project in the field of renewable energy.

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In Lviv, US surgeons operate more ...

In Lviv, surgeons and anaesthesiologists from the International Outpatient Clinic Shriners Hospitals for Children in Boston, USA, as well as Ukrainian doctors, started consultations and surgical interventions for children from all over Ukraine, who suffered from burns.

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In Ukraine, the labor market comes ...
25 September 2017

The number of vacancies is growing in all professional fields. The most noticeable increase in vacancies is observed in Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov and Odessa region.

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Rare black stork were rescued in ...

A rare bird with a bullet in the Vinnytsia region was rescued by mushroom pickers. They gave it to a mini zoo.

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The First lady of the country ...
23 September 2017

On September 23 in the Museum of Local History was launched the project MLT Museum Smart Room as a part of the All-Ukrainian program “Arsenal Ideas Ukraine”.  

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The children from Nikolaev planted ...
22 September 2017

On Wednesday, September 20 the environmental event “Plant a tree” was conducted in the Korabelniy district of Nikolaev. 

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UIA launches the site of the ...
21 September 2017

On Wednesday, September 20, the official page of charitable program of airline company “Ukraine International Airlines” began to operate. 

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The new wave of project “Book to ...

The new wave of the project “Book to the East” was launched on September 20 in Ukraine.

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Ukraine celebrated the American ...
20 September 2017

As a part of celebration the anniversary of the Reformation (look “NGR” from 02.11.16) Ukraine celebrated the Thanksgiving Day which is a Protestant holiday which takes origin from the communities of Puritans, the settlers to the New World.

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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin ...

The Nativity of Blessed Virgin in Ukraine is traditionally named Druga Prechista – this is the first of twelve major curial holidays and means the day from begins the new curial year.

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Journalists exposed a million ...
19 September 2017

The annual income only from the elite apartments in Kiev reaches 20 million hryvnias.

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Nich Vujicic met with the veterans ...
18 September 2017

On September 17, the legendary Nick Vujicic -speaker, writer, millionaire, philanthropist and leader of the public organization “Life without limbs” arrived in Kiev for the third time.

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European Fondation invited the ...
15 September 2017

On Wednesday, 13th of September the representatives of International Charity Fund of Medical care for children visited the maternity clinic №3 of Nikolaev and offered the doctors to take free practical training and such a way raise their professional educational level in European countries.

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“The aftertaste” of the Kyoto ...
13 September 2017

Last spring Ukraine received a “red card” from the Secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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Information technologies in ...

How the charity develops in Ukraine and what the modern ways exist now how the information technologies help in this, you can read on the site UNIAN:

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“Charity in the lens” was shown to ...
12 September 2017

The photo exhibition “Charity in the lens” was opened in the Regional Library of Zaporizhia.

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There is the surge of public ...
11 September 2017

The representative of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation of U.S. Embassy in Ukraine Sergey Reshetov noted that there is a surge of public activity in Ukraine.

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Charity Dialogues

Natalya Yemchenko: “The whole last week was marked for me by the International Charity Day.

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International Charity Day
5 September 2017

Today in Ukraine as in the other countries celebrates an International Charity Day.

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Ukraine took the 90th place in the ...

According to the statistics of the international charity foundation Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), Ukraine takes the 90th place of 139 in the world charity rating World Giving Index 2017.

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