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Deeds are mightier than words

Our charity foundation deals with assistance to the victims of military actions in the east of Ukraine, people in need and homeless animals.

We need your help!

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Problem: Help animals

In such a difficult time the help is needed not only for people, but also for animals. Natalia has about two hundred cats and dogs. But only love is not enough, they all want to eat…

Collected: targeted assistance from targeted assistance
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Friends, we are compelled to ask you for help.
Donetsk region
Problem: Helping people in need

At present, we have many requests for targeted assistance from families of IDPs in need with sick children and children with congenital disabilities.
Donations and volunteer fees are enough for us to help not all families.
It is about the survival of these families, they will be grateful for any, even a small amount.

Collected: targeted assistance from targeted assistance
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Kalashnikova Tatyana Sergeevna
with. Trizybenko, Novoaydarsky rayon, Lugansk region
Problem: Treatment


Kalashnikova Tatyana Sergeevna

14/11/2014 Kalashnikova T.S. with her 9 years-old daughter were going to the hospital and they were come under fire. The missile explode nearby…

Collected: targeted assistance from targeted assistance
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Save the child from deafness
Problem: Deafness

Yesenia is the fifth and coveted child in a loving family. Cheerful, intelligent, agile and responsive baby. Yesenia was born an absolutely healthy child, but fate played a cruel joke.
Since birth, the baby has had laryngitis, rotavirus, flu, purulent otitis. All diseases were treated with antibiotics, which affected hearing impairment.

Collected: 3650 UAH from 911000 UAH
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Anastasia Kuptsova, cochlear implant
city of Vinnitsa
Problem: deafness

Nastenka is 2 years and 10 months old, she does not hear from birth. The girl is energetic, cheerful, intelligent, develops well, speaks little, since the hearing loss is very high – grade 5, and this is almost complete deafness.

Collected: 236768 from 844200
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The kid needs your help!
Problem: Hearing loss

Egor was born on October 7, 2015 at 25 weeks. Four and a half months he was in the perinatal center in Kharkov, two of whom Yegor was in intensive care connected to the device of artificial ventilation.

Collected: 100800 from 650000
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Diana Vitruk, cochlear implantation
city Berdychiv
Problem: deafness

The disease of the child is the most terrible thing in the life of every mother.
Irina Vitruk is the mother of little wonderful girl Dianka, who is only 3 and a half years old. In July of this year, doctors of the Kiev Institute of Otolaryngology A. S. Kolomiychenko delivered a terrible diagnosis to the child: a bilateral neurosensory deafness of the 4th degree.

Collected: 203270 from 806000
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 Please help the family and friends who lost everything in the hurricane.

Collected: targeted assistance from in USA
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The child needs surgery
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Problem: Hearing loss

Operation was successfully completed! We thank all those who are not indifferent for their support and help.

Collected: 806000 from 806000
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Help Pauline hear the world
Problem: deafness

Collection is closed! We thank all those who are not indifferent for their support and help.

Collected: 27000 from 27000
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